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Don Davis is one of marvelous composers in the world. He has produced a number of fascinating film scores and additional music for TV series. Many of you might have ever heard his music through some popular films such as Matrix and Jurassic Park 3.

We approached Don Davis and got him to use our three chracteristic collection - SHAMISEN, SPIRITS FROM AINU, and ALMA FLAMENCO. We are now very happy to show you his very valuable comments about those samples from a composer's point of view! His comments for each disc are presented separately just on the website.

Enjoy together his special review!

Review 1: The Best Use of Shamisen Samples
Review 2: The whole story of Ainu Sounds

Review 1: The Best Use of Shamisen Samples
I´ve had the privilege of examining three sample collections from the innovative Discovery Sounds music sample libraries - Shamisen, Spirits From Ainu and Alma Flamenco. These collections all share the dedication to detail and authenticity that many have come to expect from the Discovery library series, along with meticulous recording methods and inspired performances.

The Shamisen is a three-stringed lute-like instrument that is fundamental to indigenous Japanese music. Discovery´s Shamisen CD-ROM contains 106 files of Shamisen performances, divided into five types according to performance style and tempo. These performances are particularly suitable for layering in real-time music production software such as Acid or Ableton Live, in so far as they are presented in .wav format in tempos that lend themselves to the kind of time manipulation that these programs offer.
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Don Davis
A native of Anaheim, California, Emmy winning composer Don Davis began playing trumpet and piano at the age of nine, and started writing music at twelve. He has composed and arranged orchestral charts for jazz ensembles, film scores, TV shows, and more. The film scores of The Matrix, Jurassic Park 3, and Bound are well known as his fantastic works at present.

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All of the performances are in the same general tonality consisting of a B pedal over which different modalities of major and minor have been interpolated. This represents the small limitation in the general use of these files, although to be fair a mixed assemblage of tonalities may well have compromised the integrity of authenticity that Discovery has taken great lengths to maintain. It is true that most music production software has the capability of transposition, and the high quality of the recordings allows a larger margin of transposition without the imposition of digital artifacts and distortion. That said, these files are best used stacked upon each other or strung into a longer sequence, in which case the best possibility for variation in a track depends on juxtaposition.

The next review of Spirits from Ainu is coming out on April 8th.
Shamisen is a three stringed instrument played with a plectrum. It was transmitted from China continent to the Japanese mainland through Jamisen of Ryukyu when Japan was the Warring States period (the early part of BC1500).