Download ethnic WAV files, drum loops, hip hop samples, breakbeats,multi samples for Software Samplers.

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 BGM-Ambient_006_Last Dream 2.30@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:29sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
Powerful, moving and emotional soundscape with distant pulsing vocals - panoramic, intense imagery
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Ambient_007_Last Perfect Day - Full@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:45sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
haunting, rich and eerie, mystically chilled - spacious isolation
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_004_Lone Freedom@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:5sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
Sparse and emotional piano intro delicately builds with blues harp, synth pads and acoustic bass to create a bleak, sinister, mellow and melancholy soundscape.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_005_Lone Wolfe@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:56sec | Stereo
progress, working together, building together for a dream. Unfolding realisation and enlightenment.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_006_Into the Light@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:19sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
delicate and subtle piano arpeggios build to strong synth drums with a driving panoramic feel. A must for highly dramatic, film and drama.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_007_Messenger full@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:55sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
urgent, fresh, electronic, new age piece - ideal as a soundbed for presentations, corporate videos etc - motivated, excited and positive feel
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_014_Migration@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:33sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
Soulful and mellow piece introduced with classical piano, developing to full orchestra
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Ambient_008_Mists of Time@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:48sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
Spacious and ethereal electronic/ambient soundscape with lead electric guitar and pulsing distant vocals
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Ambient_009_Mombasa Jig@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:43sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
An unusual blend of ethnic instruments, african vocal chants and samples and chimebells produce a rich ethereal soundscape
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Classic_Orchestra_A_010_Over the Hills@ PRICE: $15.00
LENGTH: 30sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
'Disneyesque' /animation style classical piece, enchantment/magic
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_008_Power and Glory@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:52sec | BPM: 140bpm | Stereo
Strong orchestral theme for great sporting moments, powerful imagery - full orchestral sound with strong build and finale
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-_EasyListening_Piano_015_Quiet Paradise@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:43sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
Gentle, calm classical piano and strings piece with highly emotional undertone
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Ambient_010_Rentfree Full@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:31sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
A 'star gazing' piece which evokes a feeling of smooth corporate quality and efficiency, comfort and reliability.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_016_Resting Place@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:16sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
formal, pensive and slightly mournful classical piano piece.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_009_Rich Affectations@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:7sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
Delicate, fresh and subtle piece for drama/documentary with acoustic guitar and ethnic instruments
mSimon Wolfen
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