Download ethnic WAV files, drum loops, hip hop samples, breakbeats,multi samples for Software Samplers.

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 BGM-Ambient_011_Secret Allures@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:15sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
mystical and spacious eastern/oriental style piece, which develops to mellow and distant feelings
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge010_Secret Pearls full@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:19sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
Delicate arpeggios using sampled oriental stringed instruments create a serene and dreamlike soundscape.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_011_Skyman underscore ext@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:12sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
Motivated and energetic 'flying high' feel with high piano- travel, progress
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_017_Sombre Virtues@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:12sec | BPM: 120bpm | Stereo
sombre, fairly formal classical piano piece to accompany images
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_018_Sonata's Touch@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:4sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
gentle and serene classical piano piece
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_012_The Box full@ PRICE: $40.00
LENGTH: 05:53sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
acoustic/orchestral soundscape with acoustic guitars and ethnic percussion samples, strings and deep pads
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Classic_Orchestra_M_007_The Old Frontier@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:20sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
Cinematic/panoramic orchestral soundscape - historic and epic feel, wide open spaces, wilderness
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_013_The Portrait@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:50sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
Classical, slightly mysterious/mystical cinematic piece with bells, oboe and strings for historical/pastural drama
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_014_Tolybobo full@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:26sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
post new age groove track, pensive and nostalgic with a 'voodooesque' feel, hard edged drum and vocal samples and sound design elements
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_015_Velvet mist@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:15sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
mellow jazz/rock end section with blues harp.
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_016_Wild Discovery - 60@ PRICE: $15.00
LENGTH: 59sec | BPM: 80bpm | Stereo
tribal drums, pipes and orchestral strings invoke a 'native American wilderness' feel - paradise found and lost - 60 sec edit
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_017_Wilderness@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:58sec | BPM: 60bpm | Stereo
acoustic guitar, pipes and ethnic sounds invoke a feeling of paradise lost and found - balmy and moody tropical scenes
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_019_Almond Wonderment@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:22sec | Stereo
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-NewAge_020_Android Subway@ PRICE: $40.00
LENGTH: 05:24sec | Stereo
mSimon Wolfen
 BGM-Ambient_012_Bearing Gifts@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:47sec | Stereo
mSimon Wolfen
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