Download ethnic WAV files, drum loops, hip hop samples, breakbeats,multi samples for Software Samplers.

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 BGM-Pops_001_Accenture Full@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:3sec | Stereo
Fresh corporate progress and activity -piano intro/electronic
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Pops_002_Alan's Groove@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:43sec | Stereo
Quirky electronic groove with some nice drum samples, synth pads and orchestration
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_011_Albert's tribute@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:19sec | Stereo
A moving classical piano ballad, romantic and historic with tints of nostalgia
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Dance,Techno_001_All Nite Sir@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:49sec | Stereo
Hi energy underground dance/groove sound - quirky, exciting, distant haunting vocals in middle section and some interesting and useable variations
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Classic_Orchestra_M_004_Bold Grenadier@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:52sec | Stereo
Classical, rural/pastural piece with flute introduction and strings
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Classic_Orchestra_M_005_Bond Girl@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:13sec | Stereo
Gentle, peaceful and moving classical piece with lead live flute and orchestral accompaniment inspired by John Barry's romantic bond themes
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-NewAge_001_Bounty@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:58sec | Stereo
marimba arpeggios with rich pads and ethnic percussion create a tribal, urgent and cinematic soundscape
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Dance,Techno_002_Cable Groove@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:5sec | Stereo
smooth and rich electronica for TV, documentary with quirky variation in middle section
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Dance,Techno_003_Casbar mix@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:51sec | Stereo
Dance track with oriental/turkish flavor and create a rich dance texture.
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Ambient_001_Chilled City full@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:2sec | Stereo
ambient techno beat -neon city lights with a sheen of gentle rain - out there in the big city
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Ambient_002_Chimedust@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:46sec | Stereo
Ambient and ethereal soundbed with trance like chimes, distant electric guitar and sound design elements.
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-NewAge_002_Co exist@ PRICE: $35.00
LENGTH: 04:44sec | Stereo
mellow and nostalgic electronic soundbed
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Ambient_003_Cycles 2.30@ PRICE: $25.00
LENGTH: 02:29sec | Stereo
ambient/classical/orchestral/contemporary soundscape - uplifting, fresh and motivated
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-Ambient_004_Dare to Dream@ PRICE: $30.00
LENGTH: 03:1sec | Stereo
Eerie and slightly foreboding intro, gains momentum and builds to a monumental, powerful and uplifting soundscape - you can hear those ceremony timpani skins ripple!
[Simon Wolfe]
 BGM-EasyListening_Piano_012_Formal Emotions@ PRICE: $20.00
LENGTH: 01:23sec | Stereo
Victorian/classical piano piece, delicate, spiritual and reflective piece...excellent for cultural documentary/images
[Simon Wolfe]
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