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New Addition :: DRUM patterns + GUITAR phrases

October 20, 2006@--->@DRUM patterns + GUITAR phrases Uploaded

The new Rhythm Patterns of Drum (103 files) are useful to design
a wide range of music from rock to standard pops. You could also
find some of the very powerful drum patterns in triple time.

About another cool Clean Guitar Phrases (48 files), they are just
the right samples for the Funk and Saul grooves in the 70s.
You could design the sounds on Effect as you like.


:: DRUM / Type - A to I@i ACID / WAV : 103 files )
@How to Search >>> Genre [ Rock ] Ļ [ Drum ]

:: GUITAR / Type - A to I@i ACID / WAV : 48 files )
@How to Search >>> Genre [ Funk ] Ļ [ Guitar ]

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